Friday, 23 October 2015

Castell Coch (PART 2)

Or her ladyship's boudoir....... (as his boudoir is relatively plain and only has a single bed..... photos will follow)
I loved this wash bowl set up. I wonder if Walt Disney ever saw photos of this place?

I think someone had a thing for monkeys.
These went all the way round the dome of the ceiling.

And these were carved into each column, Most were birds but I spied a squirrel as well but to far round the room for me to get a good photo.

 I am so pleased I took photos as these were really not as splendid with the sun shining through one window and throwing everything else into deep shade.

Her (their) bed was not comfortable with it's base made of strung ropes but then this looks so much like a love nest, I do not suppose they were overly concerned....