Thursday, 8 October 2015

I would love to say I got it finished

but that would be a lie.....
I have slowly been trying to make my studio workable. I have even bought it a new widescreen TV but the first one whilst not quite DOA, was definitely comatose. So that took two of my precious days. Last night we couldn't find Rosie.
I ended up going through the closed door to the sitting room (closed to keep the cats off the quilts) only to find this. She knows how to seek out a good thing. lols

And if you wondered who was affected by the VW scandal, that would be me. Just a little less in love with my Beetle now.


  1. Your quilt is just so lovely and your Rosie! - what a beautiful, beautiful girl!!! I love both of the pictures of her on your quilt (even though she's not supposed to be in that room.) How can you say 'no' to such a cutie pie? I'm sorry about the VW emission scandal - your car is so pretty!!

  2. Dear Sally not sure which is the most beautiful Rosie or the quilt. My goodness she is beautiful, what breed of cat is she. As far as your darling beetle goes if it is doing what you want then thats all that matters and she has given you so much pleasure. Hugs Glenda

  3. I agree with Glenda! What a gorgeous cat and quilt. As for the VW scandal, I'm not surprised, I think everything 'climate change' initiative related is just an excuse for the big companies to print money.