Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A few things done.

I love Di Ford's method of mitreing corners. I would never have attempted to add these three strips sewn together in one go before. Now I just add then on in one go, fold the mitres and applique the mitre. This way enables you to match up those narrow lines and seams as you stitch. Fabulous!
However after fussy cutting the next border fabric I had this sliver of cream in the seam line. I spent a goodly time unpicking (why do I use such fine thread and such tiny stitches?)
I am just eyeballing a half way point to trim in the seam allowance so the seam will fall on the tan part of the stripe and it won't matter if it is a thread or two out.
Our first daffodils came into flower yesterday. When the sun came out you could feel it on your skin. Joy.
And we've had a visiting cat. George was hissing and growling through the glass, Rosie gave a few hisses too but stayed on her chair. Given each of them is twice the size of this little one, it was a good thing the glass was between them.
The weather changed today, we have had big soggy lumps of snow falling (and melting immediately) followed by more sunshine....  I wish it would make up it's mind.

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