Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Not the Splendid Sampler

I have gone so far off route, I am not even vaguely pretending to be doing it now....

I might even abandon the one which was from the Splendid Sampler, just so I can call it all my own.

I had planned to get a longarmer to baste my Di Ford Mystery Quilt for me, but she didn't have any water soluble thread and said it would take 10-12 days for it to arrive so I pin basted it myself.

I centred the backing fabric on the table. I then placed the cotton batt folded in half on the same centre line, then opened it out. Here you can see how I did it with the wool batt which is going on top of the cotton one. My kitchen table is 6 foot by 3 foot but this system would work equally well on a smaller table. However I would love a table with straight uncomplicated edges to grip onto.
This is my selection of clips and other devices. The small black one just is too small. The larger black one nearly does the job but has a habbit of springing itself off the table and scaring me silly. The cream coloured one is designed to hold an outdoor table cloth in place. It sort of works but it's grip isn't very strong. The big pink one is a clip made to hold a drink on the edge of a desk. It is just not strong enough. The big bulldog clip is the best of a bad lot. It grips the table but only on the edge of the molding.
The frame under the table limits what will work.
But it is done and it took me and my fibromyalgia hours and hours. My shoulders and neck were in agony.

I love the fabric I have chosen for the back of the quilt.

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  1. Sally you are inspirational. I love your creativity and hope your neck and shoulders have recovered.