Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Hello Rupert

We have a new member of the family.
Meet Rupert
This photo was taken by his breeder a couple of days before we collected him last Saturday.

And these were on Saturday when he was 8 weeks and 1 day.
When Fliss was little we had a pair of guinea pigs called Stuff and Nonsense. They were a similar colouring and about the same size.... He weighs just over a kilo or 2.2 pounds.

He is a Cavachon, a mongrel by another name. His mother is a Bichon Frise and his father a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Both parents were health tested for the inherited problems in each breed. So hopefully this time we will have a healthy long lived dog. It irks me a little when the insurance company doubled the premium for what they insist is a 'Designer Dog'. I can see they should perhaps take the breed problems from both breeds on board, but when you go to the effort, time and expense of making sure your pup is free from these problems......

I cannot tell a lie, it is easier to take in an adult rescue dog. He hasn't slept through the night yet, and for such a tiny little thing, he is very very loud. And just like having a new baby, you don't mind, because you love your puppy. Update, it is Wednesday and he slept through until 6 am. Happy!

I would love to say I finished quilting the Di Ford QuiltMania Mystery Quilt before he arrived.... but I cannot tell a lie, I haven't. I have about two or three hours left to do on the cream border and the feathers to do on the outermost red border.
I cannot even get on very much with the hand applique with a puppy in the house unless he is sleeping on DH's chest, so at most a couple of hours a night.
All these stems were inspired by the applique on an Otttoman tent in a museum in Austria. It is taking forever.... but I love the look.
I am off to Quilts UK on Friday, I will try and get photos of the winning quilts and/or those which take my eye.


  1. Rupert is *adorable*! I know what you mean about puppies = lack of sleep, though. In fact, I'm guessing our next dog may very well be an adult rescue. Still, there's something about a puppy .... :)

  2. Rupert is gorgeous too! Somehow I don't think it will be too long before he has you wrapped around his paw.

  3. it is so tempting such a little doggie, but I have 2 cats, and that will get trouble. BUt enjoyed the dog of friends this evening, he is wonderful, an Icelandsheperd, so called oerhond ONE OF THE ARCHETYPES OF EUROPEAN DOGS! but needs space, garden running, playing sister has 2 maltheser lions and they are loved very much!

  4. AWWWWWWW I have two Bichons (one from the time she was 8 weeks old and a rescue we adopted last July (she's already 4 years old). Your little one is ADORABLE!!!

  5. Oh I love that look of that applique as well, it's going to be a real beauty when it's finished, as will your quilting. Rupert is the cutest thing, he looks just like a teddy bear to me, you're going to have such a loving loyal companion in that one, I can just tell :)