Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Quilts UK at Three Counties Showground, Malvern.

 Andrea Stracke's Citrine did well with her fabulous hand quilting.
 and her Cot Quilt, Serandite took a 2nd place ribbon. The winner of the Cot quilts was another hand quilted one,  Darian by Janet Jones. It was hand quilted with variegated thread in traditional Welsh designs.

 Andrea's perfect stitching amazed all who saw it.

 This one took my eye with it's dense hand stippling. Lotus by Linda Pardow.

 Sometimes the simplest piecing and quilting yields fantastic results. Winner of the two person award, if I read the description correctly one friend Mary completed the blocks but didn't assemble them before she died. Her friend Jane Fowler finished it for the family.  Winner of the two person award.

 I loved this one, and it was only when I got home I found out I know the maker, Sue Watters. Some of the stars are fussy cut. Lovely gentle colours and simply but well, long arm quilted by Sandy Chandler. And a well deserved Judge's Merit.

 Carol and Emma Galbraith, Prism of Light.

I love this, a combination of Dear Jane blocks in an Irish Chain setting. Beautifully quilted on a domestic machine.

 Rupert is settling in nicely, even though he sometimes falls asleep in the middle of playtime.


  1. Thanks for sharing - next best thing to being there. Absolutely beautiful quilts and free-motion quilting too!


  2. Amazing hand quilting!!!!!! Thanks so much for giving us the "heads up" on these fab quilts!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the pics - some great quilts. Sue's star quilt is indeed lovely. I especially like the closeup shots of hand quilting - wonderful!!

  4. Andrea Strake's hand quilting is amazing and I too loved how the Dear Jane had been set.
    Some nice quilts and thank you for the compliment on my Texas Stars. I wasn't going to put anything in this year but at the last minute decided to enter.
    It was good to see you if only briefly at the show and lovely to see Rupert settling in. I'm sure he dosent know he has been born finding a home with you.

  5. Wow, I feel like I just took a quick jaunt "across the pond" to a quilt show with my morning coffee! Thank you so much for sharing these photos. Rarely do I see hand quilting in the shows near me (North Carolina, USA) and never anything at this skill level. It's truly inspiring!