Wednesday, 1 June 2016

More from Malvern, Quilts UK 2017

I liked this quilt very much. It seems the simple 'cheat' of using quilts from the same manufacturer means the colours blend so well. 'Granny Squares' by Elizabeth Ingram and longarmed by her too. It was in the Charity Fundraising Quilts section. In memory of her father.

Liz Jones' quilt, All Things Bright and Beautiful. Liz is well known for her satin stitch applique and wins regularly on both sides of the Atlantic.

Another satin stitch applique. A Florentine Fantasy by Jeanette Orr based on a Florentine Table in Copenhagen.

 This is a super quilt. It needs help to hang well I think. I would have been tempted to add some tapes for it to hang with. Made by Birgit Schuller and longarm quilted.

Four Seasons in Roman Britain by Helen Burnham. Original design.

Rupert is growing and I am doing things during his sleeps.... he wants and needs to chew everything which makes life a tad difficult.....
When he is not nibbling everything, he is the most delightful creature on the planet.


  1. All of these quilts are beautiful, but Rupert takes the top prize.

  2. Great photos! Thanks for sharing these lovely works in their entirely AND the detail shots as well.

  3. Thanks for getting great close ups of some of the quilts too Elaine much appriciated WOW there are some stunning quilts to drawl over here. Cheers Glenda

  4. Love the Granny Squares quilt. The colors are so appealing. Rupert is a doll.