Tuesday, 28 June 2016

It started with a cold shower

But first my very slow progress with the applique work. I knew I wouldn't get nearly as much done, but not quite how much a puppy restricts your sewing time. It is flat, but it was too hard to leave Rupert and take a photo on the design wall. There are periods whilst he sleeps but rather like a mother with a new baby, that is the precious time you get things done.

Darling Rupert likes to eat everything, all the time, everything..... and when he isn't trying to eat it, he he trying to make love to it..... sigh. He will grow out of this phase...
And he is too adorable to be angry with him.

 So getting back to the cold shower. On the 20th May whilst I had a lovely day at Malvern, my husbands shower went cold. He called the plumber out but couldn't get the part until the Monday. This part wasn't guaranteed to work but it was worth trying. And it didn't.  Our utility/laundry room is small and it has an American fridge/freezer as well as the boiler, a blocked off door to the side walkway of the house with some kitchen worktop as a cat feeding station, and shelving. Impossible to get a clear shot of it but here is a limited view.
The death of the boiler gave us the opportunity to have an outside one to release a bit more space indoors, so I could have a bigger freezer.
This is what it looked like with the flooring ripped up and a temporary cat feeding table.
My sitting room has an American fridge freezer smack bang in the middle of it.

And then completely empty. It is small....

Meanwhile the dining area looks like a cross between a bomb going off and a yard sale.
The replacement flooring went down today. Tomorrow the new fridge and freezer should arrive. Wednesday with a fair wind the washing machine and dryer will be re plumbed in and if it rains (please pray for rain) the cat feeding station will be adapted and go back into place.
Four and a half weeks of chaos and a new puppy and wet weather...

The above was written yesterday. This morning very early, the new fridge and freezer arrived. The plumber came to plumb in the washing machine and tomorrow Andy will come to refit the cat feeding station. I long for life to get back to normal..... :-)

And that is without my country going into suicide mode with Brexit. It has broken my heart. I feel I never really knew my fellow countrymen. We even looked at living elsewhere but it seems all countries have a major flaw or two so we'll stay put.... Canada seems nice but I have no idea of the criteria of getting in and it is so far away from London and Fliss. Dublin sounded great for a few minutes until you remember their laws on women's issues.... The Mediterranean is too hot... America has its guns.....  I still keep hoping there is some way out of this mess.


  1. Lets hope that your normal comes soon. I remember when we got a new kitchen how much chaos reigned for a few weeks. Your new puppy is so sweet and your applique is wonderful. Stay strong.

  2. I feel for you and the upheaval, Sally! We're about to embark on a major project, where all of our existing ceramic tile floors will be ripped out and replaced. Living room, kitchen, laundry room, sewing room, bathrooms. Where, oh where will I put everything that must be moved????

  3. We have 3 guest rooms in case you wanted to try out Canada. We really need rain. I recall a toilet sitting in my kitchen for several months when we redid our downstairs bathroom. Good thing we also had an upstairs bathroom at the time.

  4. Oh what a pain! I've been through a bust boiler, I had my linen cupboard stored next to it and lost the whole lot, it was stained with rust. To this day I remember that weekend, ugh! Now, you applique is looking beautiful and your lovely puppy is getting lots of love, things will surely improve :)

  5. We thought of New Zealand... But unless you are very rich, and have a regular large income, they don't want anyone. And it is just a bit far away.... I hope you get back to normal soon..!

  6. Well, if Scotland votes to leave the UK and stay with the EU...there you go! Maybe England will come to it's senses. My understanding is this stupidity can be reversed.

    New Zealand is too far...and I don't know about the "rich" and regular income part...Lisa Call just moved there from the US and she is neither wealthy nor has a regular income, large or small. Already being a citizen of the Commonwealth, moving to New Zealand or Canada should not be that big of an issue.