Thursday, 23 June 2016

More from Malvern and puppy

My happy haul. It is surprisingly difficult to buy reproductions here in the UK but this group has kept me happy. That red will be brilliant for the binding of the Di Ford Mystery quilt.

I always buy John James needles when I see them and they do bulk discount at shows.

Click on this lady's work. Juanita Buchan. Not quilting in my eyes but very fine machine embroidery and it was a joy to see it up close.

And Rupert, how could I not show you a photo of my darling boy. He is starting to fluff up and gets more gorgeous by the day.

And a little video here of him going slightly insane with a rattle. I only let him have it for 5 minutes a day or it drives me insane. Without the volume, he looks quite cute, with it, the yapping can drive you insane.
A video posted by Sally Bramald (@featheronawire) on

Jane found this Velasquez painting of him. You do know he is a time traveller?


  1. Some lovely fabrics in that group - I even have several of them in my stash. It is increasingly more difficult to find reproduction or traditional fabrics on this side of the pond as well. I am glad for my stash as I fear that soon it will be bright and modern only and while I like those too, I still love my traditional prints.

  2. The puppy is so cute. I did watch the video without sound so perhaps it is a different experience. I prefer John James needles, too. I keep trying the latest thing to come out and always go back to the JJ.

  3. Very interesting photos -very inspiring!