Monday, 14 August 2017

About time I posted an update....

Hello, 6 months is a very long time not to post. I am sorry.

It will probably be easier for me to work backwards in time.

I have just got back from the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England.  Each one has the makers label and name in a separate photo. These are a few which took my eye.

 I found it hard to believe this one didn't win any awards.

 My finger is NOT touching the quilt, just hovering over it to give you scale.

These next two photos below are the same quilt. Linzi had requested it was hung to show both sides but because it was hung with the winners, they didn't show the back. I got a white gloved lady to reveal it.

 These chickens were fun.

 This beautiful miniature by Phillipa Naylor won Best of Show. Don't shoot me if I am wrong but I think it's about eleven inches square. And yes those tiny circles and ovals are appliqued.
It seems Blogger won't let me add any more photos, so I'll have to do another blog post or two......

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  1. Good to see you again, Sally! Those quilts are gorgeous -- Philippa's is mind-boggling.