Monday, 14 August 2017

Post 5 today, my own news.

 Frank's Quilt got a Judge's Choice at the National Quilt Show back in June.

It was designed by Di Ford Hall and released as a block every other month by Quiltmania. It kept me sane making a quilt whilst Frank lay at my feet slowly fading away over 7 months. I didn't have to make any decisions about it, most was done by hand. I made a few changes but not many and nothing which changed the overall impression of the original.

Back at the Festival of quilts over the weekend, I added to my stash. Of course, I did.

I bought this glazed one from Sallieed who sells on Instagram and in Bristol.  She said it was 1930s. How different our 1930s fabrics are from American feedsacks.
 I have been looking for fabrics to put into a Jane Austen quilt, they don't have to be exact reproductions of the era, but should vaguely represent the colours and hopefully the styles. The colours are more important.

 These ones below are not for the Jane Austin but I thought they would do well in some future quilt and they were a bargain.....
 Back to possible candidates for the Austen quilt.
 This last one is a fabric I had been searching for. I was told only 2 bolts made it into the UK, there were just over 6 metres left and I grabbed them.

Yet again, Blogger is not letting me add any more photos so I'll just let you know the dogs and cats are very happy. 


  1. Well, this is simply breathtaking. I don't know if it makes it bittersweet or lovely that you made it during such a poignant time but anyway, it's an important memory and what a result. WOW.

  2. Yup...very lovely..once again quilting gets us through..xxxooo