Friday, 1 September 2017

Jane Austen and Karen Styles.

I have finally got my Jane Austen quilt planned out. I am pleased with it but not pleased my intention not to make quilts over 65 inches square has gone out the window.......

And I played with changing the look completely. I have named this version  'Jane goes to Bali' 

Karen Styles came to the UK for the Festival of Quilts and whilst she was here did a Workshop at Cowslip and at Sue Watters house. As Sue lives 30 miles away I wanted to go. A lovely couple of days of soothing hand work, except I hadn't allowed for the roadworks outside Gloucester on the way home. It took nearly 2 hours to do those 30 miles...... It used up a lot of my precious spoons. (Google spoon theory if you think I am talking gobbledegook) 
This is my centre of the Okehampton quilt. I shall use it, but in a quilt of my own. I don't have a good track record of finishing quilts designed by others.  I love how the fussy cutting of the outside border worked. 
This is the glorious fabric. I don't know if there is still some out there.


And now some very sad news. George was killed on the road last weekend. My beautiful boy, my quilting buddy, my morning wake up call has gone. 

He died exactly eight years to the day from when we got him as a kitten. We have done much soul searching about whether we were/ are right to let them out. We think we are. He has chased rabbits, butterflies, shrews and squirrels. He has been drenched by the rain, waded in deep snow, had the odd cat fight, got stuck up a tree and many many adventures he would not have had as an indoor cat. Our feelings are, better eight years of adventures than sixteen of none. My heart aches again for my four legged friend. George was mine by his choice, Rosie loves my husband more. For those of you new to my blog, Rosie and George are British Shorthair cats.  George's pedigree name was Porteous Bounty Hunter.


  1. I'm really excited to be following your Jane Austen project! I've just finished my top a few months ago. I found a smaller version of the medallion and did some borderie purse to fill the large diamond. I love that you have been able to find the center fabric. You are so fortunate!! I hunted for years!!
    How do you plan on quilting your diamonds? That's my research now. You will love your quilt!

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss, Sally! It's so difficult to lose a beloved pet/family member.

  3. Sally, I am sorry to hear about your beloved pet. It sounds like he had a wonderful, adventurous life, even if it was cut short. Your quilt will be another stunner. The medallion you have made for the center is perfect. You have a wonderful "eye" for putting things together.

  4. I drop by your blog every now and again to see what beautiful work you are doing. I love quiltmaking but I love my animals more so I really feel for you losing your lovely boy. It's funny how animals choose us, my son had a pit bull cross and I had a German Shepherd when he came back home to love after a really nasty back injury/ surgery and our respective dogs made a switch in devotion! I had Bruiser (his pit bull x) for nearly 14 1/2 years, such a beloved soulmate, I still miss him. My German Shepherd girl just adored my son and we sadly lost her when she was 12. I do agree that 8 odd years of adventures for your beautiful kitty is much preferred over the alternative. Perhaps one day you will be ready to welcome another feline friend into your life.

  5. Dear Sally-I have just recently discovered your blog with your beautiful and inspiring quilts. I look forward to enjoying looking through your archives. My sympathies on the loss of your sweet cat. Having had many cats over the years, I too came to the same conclusion of feeling they were far happier being allowed their freedom to explore, despite the potential risk for injury.I'm glad you could enjoy 8 wonderful years with him.

  6. Your quilts as always, are exquisite. I am so very, very sorry to read about George. I love your beautiful pictures of him - he really was such a handsome boy. My heart goes out to you.

  7. sorry to hear you lost your buddy. I have lost many kitties so know the pain and loss. Big hugs.

  8. Oh ,c'est magnifique,bon courage pour ce merveilleux projet,j'ai réalisé le coverlet de Jane Austen il y a quelques années
    un réel plaisir.