Thursday, 14 September 2017

Huge change to our little house.

From when we bought the house 15 years ago we planned to change the windows. We thought we'd do it soon after moving in 5 years ago but we got quotes either for silly money or for reasonable money but with companies who insisted we didn't need planning consent. After the kitchen was done, and both the bathrooms, I couldn't delay it any longer. Although double glazed, the patio doors let in a draft and the wood was in definite need of resealing. This time I got quotes from east of the house rather than the west. One was for silly money, one was for half way between the cheapest and the highest and they would get planning consent.  The windows were ugly and it turned out not what planning consent had been in the first place........ This is the before shot.

Are the after photo.  I feel these windows are far more in keeping with the style of house.
Sash windows are my new love.

Round the back of the house, the mahogany sliding patio doors have been replaced with French doors.

It all looks so much better from the inside as well. 

Today it feels wonderful not to have any workmen here.  They were all fine, but it exhausts me. 

Hence the only bit of stitching done was hand appliqueing the centre to a background fabric. Some stitching is better than none :-)

On my next post I hope to have started my Jane Austen quilt...... hope, not promise.


  1. That block certainly is stunning! We put new windows in our 1842 farmhouse 4 years ago and have not regretted one penny we spent on them. There are no drafts and the house is quieter than ever.

  2. So pretty - both the windows and your applique!

  3. Wow! The new windows really brighten it up! Beautiful!

  4. Those windows are quite an improvement. The touch of white lifts the exterior nicely.