Wednesday, 18 October 2017

English Paper piecing and hexagons.

All of these above are from Dutch Heritage fabrics by Petra Prinns and Nel Kooiman. Each one has half inch sides and is one inch from point to furthest point.

I will try and put the following ones with their 'friends' from the same fabric.

I start by using a smear of glue from a glue stick to hold the paper in place on the back of the fabric. I try to line up the design with hopefully at least two points on the print. And for some reason, Blogger isn't letting me show you how today.....

I'll try in in another post.......  I don't even want to begin telling you the problems I have had getting these off my new phone....... Technology is wonderful when it works..... I thought Blogger was a google product so I am surprised how difficult it has been. I also tried from my iPad, heaven help me....... grrrrrrr lols