Thursday, 22 November 2018

Determined not to be stopped by Apple.

After the fail with my iPad Pro, I am trying to update on my phone..... Here goes...

Remember all those fussy cut half inch hexies, well they've become four borders.

I spent what seemed forever prepping honeycombs for the outer border. (Please excuse my pink toed socks) I also discovered how infrequently I use plastic bags. Safeway supermarket hasn't existed in the UK for at least ten years.

I think I'm over half way on the first border. 

Meanwhile Rupert and Millie are well and enjoying their lives. Rupert chases planes and helicopters whilst walking. He crashes when he gets home. 

And my life is getting better. I am on a Low Carb High Fat diet. Going down to 20-40 grams a day. My pain levels have dropped about 80%. The impetus was getting a prediabetic blood test result. After two months my bloods were nearly normal. As the blood test I had was indicative of the previous 3 months, I suspect it's well below now. And I've lost over 20 pounds. Win.


  1. Half inch hexies - wowsers! Also, congrats on your 20 lb weight loss and making healthy changes to your diet. I'll bet you do feel a lot better. My DH is diabetic and he has been making great strides to better health by changing his diet. And a side benefit is that he's looking mighty fine, too ;)

  2. Great perseverence in posting on your blog from a phone!! Absolutely charming hexies showcasing your fussy cutting too. So good to hear you are getting some control on pain and feeling better & congratulations on your drop in pounds. I joined WW’s earlier this year and am on a weight loss journey - while new clothes are a fun benefit, finding you feel better physically and mentally is the big plus! Love the picture of Rupert - what a sweetie. And your pink toes are very cute.

  3. Well, we have a lot in common! My NP knew that I was 'diabetic' in March, but I was not told until 3 October! On 4 October there are no chocolate or chips in my diet! I have lost 15 pounds! Very few carbs. Other food limitations, but all in all I am doing great! I track my glucose and so far my A1C is down to 5.24 (on a Glucose App). Cudo's to you also. I will continue on as I want to lose another 10 pounds (gives me 2 pounds to cheat on) My A1C was at 6.7 - no medication! I really wish I had been told something when the glucose fasting was going up and then when the A1C was over 6. But I listened. I also walk 30 minutes each day and stay very active. We went to Arizona for 2 weeks and I stuck to my limited food that I can eat and lost 5 more pounds! YEA for both of us -

    And doing a blog pot on the iPhone works! Hugs and keep up the good low carb diet - it works!

    Love those hexagons - I am working on some 1/2" hexagons for Mountmellick! Fun!