Friday, 16 November 2018

So sorry for not updating for a whole year?!

 I like blogging but not so much from my iPad or my phone. My PC is beyond frustrating, it is beyond slow. So here is an up date from my iPad not made easy as Millie is on my lap...

I am still working on the English Paper Pieced quilt. I love it but wish it were faster.

And now I give up..... I would love to post more but blogger is not uploading photos properly in edit mode from my iPad. I can see them  in the preview, the two are there but it won’t let me scroll down to write more. The 2nd photo shows one of the cornerstones of the first border. I am working on the third border but I cannot get the photos to load....... sorry

I am happy with the centre. I might touch up the white flecks round the birds with an Inktense pencil. The background colour is more of a green khaki but whatever I use to take a photo, it comes up as a variety of tan..


  1. Wow...this is a work of art!!!! Just beautiful...

  2. You do such lovely work, Sally! Absolutely beautiful medallion fabric in the top photo.

  3. So good to see your post and as always stunning work! I share your frustrations with trying to blog by way of iPad. Have you tried Blogo? It is a free app and offers the option to upgrade. (No affiliation) it does have s few quirks but trying to blog directly from the Blogger format is almost impossible. Wishing you luck - we miss seeing your beautiful quilting!

    1. I can’t get in to my Apple account..... they keep sending me telephone codes but they don’t work...... I managed better with my Samsung phone today.

  4. So good to "see" you again, Sally! Your work is as exquisite as always. :)

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