Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I haven't dropped off the edge of the world.

But I haven't done anything qulty since my last post.
The nearest thing to anything quilt related was my award arrived yesterday. The quilt came back from Scotland last week with the wholecloth ribbon and the coaster (is that what it is? It's a little bigger than a wine bottle coaster) arrived yesterday.
Some time has been spent arranging the sitting room to accommodate the new TV monster. I am the woman who refused to have anything larger than a 28", lost the battle and we had a 32" last time. This time I was up for a large one, our sitting room is large and our eyes are not getting any better. What was I thinking? This big black 'thing' dominates the room.
However I am pleased with it's stand. Another of my TK Max finds. Slightly damaged so we got a further 50% which is cool as you can't see the damage .

My insomnia last night coincided with the battle of the two US candidates. I started listening at the point when they were 'debating' (and I use the word debating cautiously) US foreign policy. It seems each in their own way is threatening more global conflict. History has shown that after huge economic problems at home, major world wars are more likely. One only has to look at the the dreadful state of the German economy which allowed Hitler to rise prior to the last world war. Xenophobia seems the name of the game now as well.

As for the economy, in the South of England reports are saying it hasn't hit us too hard as yet. But I see office blocks unlet and houses unsold. The car parks in the cheaper supermarkets are full to overflowing and in the more expensive ones, the aisles are traffic free.
As for us, the TV and the holiday will be the last big purchases for some time. And we have our fingers crossed.........


  1. Gosh, I hadn't thought ot that, but lets hope those politicians have enough sense (!) to realise no-one can afford to go to war! We have one of those TV monsters too - it used to be great in a large apartment in Kuwait, but completely out of place now in a room less than half the size! Amazing how you get used to it though...

  2. I would have thought the debate would have cured your insomnia...I can hardly bare to watch the news these days...all dome and gloom. I know what you mean about seeing a difference in the was remarkably quiet in Homebase last Saturday..perhaps a sign of the times.

  3. I understand about finding room for the TV. My husband came home one day with a 54 inch flat screen TV. Once we got it on the house he realized it was WAY to big. He swears that it looked smaller in the store.

  4. I've found not seeing the news one of the bigger bonuses of not having TV. People tell me about the big stuff which is quite depressing enough. Basically it's broken, whatever it might be, I don't need to be told this hourly.

  5. We were planning to buy a big screen TV and also really need a new couch. All things are on hold due to all this finance mess right now. Lucky you to have such a wonderful quilt and win an award! My mother has also invaded my bathroom. :-)