Thursday, 2 October 2008

Blondes have more fun

My hair needed colouring when we had the disaster with the cottage last autumn and I just didn't find the time. Then there was the mad dash to get quilts made and I started to feel embarrassed about going. And I kept putting it off and off and off. This was getting silly. I always wear my hair up so it wasn't as though the lack of a cut was showing, just the colour. Today I bit the bullet and had a full head of three different colours with blonde the most prominent. I feel so very much happier. (and so silly for not going sooner.....)

I have been doing a little of the appliqué preparations. And just now pinned this first side.
I was prepared that the other corner might need the reverse colour way, but it never occurred to me, the shapes would need to be mirror imaged. Duh! I am pleased however with the little seam in the striped fabric on the corner.

And a little correction for that method of cutting the appliqué shapes by free motioning them. I think I said it was six layers thick. It was four. I now know 4 is a good number. The ones on the right have been done with five and even with using a huge needle the result wasn't nearly as good. I don't know why, that's just how it is.

Another thing I found is it's not a good idea to have the pieces of freezer paper as large as I did on the right hand set. It's thick paper and it doesn't fold as easily under the harp of the machine as fabric (of course, but why didn't I consider this before I did the one on the right).


  1. Very cool, I use Sharon Shamber's fiber that does not have to be removed and puffs up like batting after you soak your piece to remove the glue.... Can't wait to see it finished..... Ronda K Beyer

  2. What a terrific border treatment! I love everything about this quilt.

  3. Absolutely wonderful border and the quilt is outstanding! I am eager to see how you quilt it, also.

  4. Fabulous colours and fabrics! I'm looking forward to seeing that lovely border finished.

  5. Howdy, Renee from New York here. Just found your blog while reading another. I love your boarder treatment! The stripes and poker dots and the intertwining ribbons... absolutely fabulous!

    Hugs! (