Thursday, 16 October 2008

It's a hard life but someone has to do it......

I wish I could write something interesting for quilters (NO I don't (grin)) but there is nothing at all quilty here. Though I have seen a wonderful Egyptian rug in a tree of life design (think palampore).
We've just sat at the beach bar as the sun went down behind us and it turned the mountains over the sea of Aquba red. How strange to watch the sun hitting Israel, Jordan and Saudi all at the same time. Up the coast a little way, still in Egypt, we can see the Hilton which was bombed only a few years ago.
This tiny little bit of heaven seems so far away from worldly troubles. The Egyptian staff are the nicest of any hotel staff anywhere.


  1. Sally, you are in my favourite place on the earth - Egypt! I wish you had told me because I'd have been in your suitcase like a shot! :-)) Have a wonderful time!
    Rosemary K

  2. Sally you really should be a writer of romance novels. I can spirit myself away from the farm and into your hotel (if but for the moment)after reading your latest post
    RobynK New Zealand

  3. Sally, there is a quilt in your words------"it turned the mountains over the sea of Aquba red"
    there you are there is something quilty in the post :-)

    Have a wonderful holiday!