Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I spent simply ages working out the pattern repeats for this border. I had to fit in 11 X 6" down each side and then start the corner treatment 3/4" away from the corner. After much playing with compasses I go it right. I cut the cardboard edge stencil so I could mark the placements. Did it fit when I got to the next corner? No. Much blue air round Toad Hall today. Never mind 'I have a plan' which I shall reveal if it works. If it doesn't, just look skyward towards Toad Hall and see the blue cloud.
I traced the shape six times onto freezer paper, layered it 6 sheets deep then freemotioned without thread along the lines. I have done this before but this time, I put my foot to the floor and moved the paper slowly. This was brilliant, it 'cut' the shapes for me.

Then using a glue stick, I glued each side of each shape, clipping into the concave curves. I didn't fold the ends over as they shall be covered by the next piece.

Just laying these few out on the table, I'm pleased to see they look as good as I expected.


  1. Oh, that looks marvelous! I am so impressed. I never would have thought to do such a thing.

  2. what a great way to sort getting these all the same...

  3. It really was worth the time that it took to make the design for your boarders!! it will look fabulous and what a wonderful idea!!