Sunday, 28 September 2008

Does everyone do this?

Twice a year one lot of clothes goes up into the loft and the opposite season's clothes come down.
I'm trying to cull both the winter and summer ones. I start off well with things going into the charity shop sack with abandon, and then it slows down....
The one Christian Dior piece I have ever owned. 20 years out of fashion and size. The Karl Lagerfeld jacket.... Then those pants which would be great for painting or gardening but how many gardening clothes do you really need?
Watching Fliss pack up her things for university this year, I saw she has inherited this trait of hanging on to stuff. Not a good thing.
My aim is to have less stuff, much less stuff. I try, I really do try but I'm my own worst enemy.
So yesterday I ended up bringing in more stuff, I can't help myself.
I couldn't resist these Christmas decorations. I already have enough decorations to decorate umpteen trees...
And this Christmas plate. To be fair on myself the plate we've always used for our Christmas pudding was broken last year so we did need another. (duh)
And I did manage to resist this fish tureen until DH fell in love with it too. Do we need a fish tureen? Of course not. We already have a white tureen (not fish). I do love this though.....


  1. Sally, are you my long lost twin- were we separated at birth adn don't know it. LOL
    I know exactly what you mean - that fish tureen is something special but like yu say you are trying and you never fail to you give up.
    brenda in the Boro

  2. And of course the weather this year has been so topsy turvy that we've not known which set of clothes to wear anyway!