Friday, 12 September 2008

Slowly but unsurely

I'm getting there.
I started the day at the chiropodist and I have to use the Lidl supermarket carpark, which means I have to shop there. I found this super little thing I've wanted for ages but always felt they were vastly overpriced. This one isn't. Do I do jigsaws? Of course not, but it will be brilliant to roll up unfinished projects away from the cat.
I managed to assemble as much as possible of the quilt without having even decided on the centre. Someone commented a while back that she was surprised I was designing this from the outside in. Until I received this comment I hadn't even been aware that's what I was doing. I 'knew' when I bought the fabrics that the cream fabric was going to be the background and the red spot the sawtooth on the star. So given those facts the design had to go with the order of assembly.
Now I have to choose the centre fabric (BTW there will probably be another star in the centre).
My feeling is for the lighter blue dot. The downside is this particular fabric is not a quilt fabric. It's a light weight curtain fabric. I'll wash it to shrink it down and also to see what it looks like after washing (some fabrics just seem to loose all their oomph).


  1. Not that you asked for my opinion, but I like #2 best. Of course it is a photograph and maybe the colors appear different in person.

  2. Sally ~ Do votes count? I'm voting for the stripe in the first photo.
    I think the light blue dot is not quite the right blue and is sort of jarring. The dark blue too.

  3. if your choice is too flimsy could you add interfacing to it?