Saturday, 20 September 2008

With friends like this

who needs enemies? I did a lot of procrastinating yesterday whilst deciding about the borders. In the end I decided to put 1/4" borders of the blue spot between the main part and the border. The dots on the spotted fabric are just over an 1/8th of an inch so careful cutting is essential if I don't want some parts to be completely blue and some looking as though it has holes were the edge of spots are showing. So I heavily starched one side of this long length. I do mean heavily, I did three or four times and left it pooled on the floor in front of the ironing board before going out.
So who's here making lots of lovely creases when I go in this morning?
Bless Sinclair, I do love him but sometimes he just makes it a little hard.


  1. I think he was just protecting it for you. He knew that it was a very important piece of fabric for your project and was guarding it with his life!

  2. aaahhh, he looks so comfy, don't be too cross :-)