Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Another day disappeared...

Spent this morning at the hospital, then most of this afternoon spent on the phone to lovely Adam at our isp who did his very best to sort out my router failure. He didn't manage it but a new one is winging it's way over here by 10.30am tomorrow and DH has managed to get me up and running but not him or DD who use a wireless connection.
I did manage to do a little playing on QuiltPro trying out these colour ways. I could go through the process of scanning the actual fabrics I have, but these are close enough.
I removed some of the outer fabric it 'floats' in and added a very narrow red border, a wider border, another red and the a bias cut striped binding.
It's fun
And it only takes seconds to change it all.
Ruth Parker kindly took some photos of my quilt and sent me this snap of me talking with Ricky Tims. (Note to self, do not carry a shoulder strap like that on a loose top again) It must have happened but I don't remember it (grin).


  1. Ricky looks like he is hanging off your every word! :o) Love the feathered star quilt and all the variations!

  2. Love how your feathered star color selections. I am doing the feathered star in a class...mine in real life isn't as nice. It is a tough pattern to follow...I guess i am just a lazy quilter. I like simple!
    Is Quilt Pro a program you purchased? or something you created?

  3. That looks like a lot of fun, the playing in Quilt Pro. I have Electric Quilt and sometimes I think it's too much of a good thing - hard to stop trying all the different variations...