Thursday, 11 September 2008

Quilting is a dangerous sport

I started putting these stars onto the background yesterday. I got four put in place but not the hemming down of the striped bias.
I think I might do a little trial cushion cover to see what happens in the wash if they are left loose. I could guarantee them looking good after washing if I added some piping but this would add a stiffness to this area which is undesirable on a quilt but OK on a cushion. I like the way they add interest to the background without being 'in your face' and detracting from the main star.

Whilst piecing those little stars, I managed to lean my forearm onto the stick part of that little iron. I wasn't sure whether it was worth a trip to the surgery to get it dressed properly as it strangely didn't hurt very much. One look from the nurse and yes I had done the right thing. She covered it with some new cream just for burns and this band aid which has to remain dry and on for 48 hours, and then I have a 2nd type of band aid for a 2nd 48hours. I can shower with a a plastic bag over it but hair washing is a tad difficult.

Whilst I went to the surgery, wonderful Steph had a go at Fliss's bathroom. For me having a decorator in is a luxury, having one who clears the room, and cleans it first is my idea of heaven. We both have come to the conclusion that this floor was a mistake. The biggest mistake was having a non specialist laying it. The mastic type grout is very badly applied and lots is stuck permanently to the stones. This was after she spent ages scrubbing it with a brush and Oxygel. I still like it but would never do it again. And the wonderful Steph is 3/4s finished on painting the room!


  1. Oh dear, I hope your burn heals quickly and without too much of a scar!
    And, this quilt is starting to take shape very well!!!

  2. Ouch! But they say "no pain, no gain" and your quilt is looking beautiful!

  3. These little irons are lethal-----hope your arm gets better soon!

    I burnt the sleeve of my jumper the other day doing exactly the same thing :-(

    The quilt is lovely.

  4. The reason your burn didn't hurt too much is because it was a nastier burn than you thought - you did absolutely right to get it looked at - hope it heals well and quickly

  5. I also want to add an "ouch" Hope you get better soon.

  6. I always keep my 'little iron' in an old tea cup while it is in use - that way it should be out of harms way. I hope that nasty burn heals quickly though - with out a scar.....