Sunday, 24 May 2009

New baby

Yesterday was one of those days which come round far too frequently. Steph made me a cake, Colin bought my new camera, some champagne chocolate truffles, cooked our dinner, nice wine, kir, smoked salmon, leg of lamb and chocolate torte (plus he vacuumed, laid the table nicely etc) and this morning even bought me home made pancakes with fresh slices of lemon in bed. I love this man!!!
Fliss bought me the prettiest little silver bracelet with a frog bead on it (toads for us at Toad Hall are hard to find). I suspect more beads will come at different events in future (good thinking Flissy). Colin bought me red roses, Steph arrived with peonies and another friend arrived with a bunch of red roses as well. Lucky lucky me.
And in our effort to be more green we bought me a little Smart car. (not a birthday present just a coincidence it happened yesterday). It's so very dinky on the outside but inside it feels like a real car. I think it's because they've only put two seats in so there's room in the cabin. Really it's going to be a big shopping cart for all my little local errands for longer drives we'll still use the other car. I was surprised how comfortable it is, air con, leather seats etc. And joy of joys a doddle to park....


  1. Happy birthday Sally - have fun with your new toy - D+3

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Today is mine and I'm planning a quiet day with the finishing of 2 put off projects. Your cake looks lovely and I love your new run-about.

  3. Happy Birthday for yesterday Sally - mine's today VBG. There must be something about this time of year for quilters...!

  4. You say, "just a coincidence" but I bet you have been wanting a little smart car for a while.
    Don't take it on the big freeways (or whatever they are called).
    Happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday, bet you've been having fun with the smart car. Apparently the crash test results for them are very good and they are nippy enough to get you out of trouble if you see it coming, so enjoy it and don't worry about it. They've been quite popular with drag racers too, so I imaging they have surprisingly good acceleration too.

  6. Happy Birthday!!
    I too have a Smart car, you can get 2 sewing machines, 2 weekend bags, 5 bags of sewing equipment plus picnic in it.