Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Strange things happening in garden

Whilst planting out yesterday I felt the trowel hit something and then suddenly there was egg yolk and white. Fresh, very fresh and about ½" below the surface. It was a brown hens egg. We have no hens.

Then about a foot further over I came across a small lizard. This is England, we don't have lizards. We do have newts (sort of water lizards) so I took him (it) over to the pond but it wasn't interested.... On the other hand it didn't run very fast so perhaps it was just an odd water phobic newt?

I found more into here on the spec for the new Bernina.


  1. There is a lizard that inhabits the south of England - mainly on heathland. they like dry sunny positions so if that corner of your garden is like that - then he/she liked it there. They are a protected species so take care of it. You can Google English Lizard to find out about them.

  2. A chicken hen egg in your garden? The shells are good for tomato plants, prevents blossom-end rot. I've crushed a handful into the hole when I put my plants out, seems to work.