Saturday, 22 August 2009

Festival of Quilts, NEC, Birmingham

Because they're changed the sizes here, I couldn't enter Exquisite Feathers as it is a couple of inches smaller than required. Spunart the Evolon and Lutradur people, however had no problem having it on their stand (Mr Spunart, who's name escapes me, Mervin?) is in the foreground.

Remember last year when Heide Stoll Weber asked me to make her this quilt? It's a funny thing when you are up close and personal for a period of time with a work, you 2nd guess yourself over and over. Seeing it hanging after a year was great!It looks lovely against the navy background of her stand and judging by the comments of people seeing it, they think so too. Heide was over generous giving me far more fabric than we had agreed.

For me though the best part of the show was Ferret's Gallery and my huge surprise. Last year we had agreed a small quilt swap. We were each going to make the other a quilt in our own style but in the others colours. They were to be finished in January. January turned to February.... Mine for her was finished in time for the National Quilting Show at Sandown in the summer but hers for me would have to wait. Then on Thursday, there she was! My own daughter Fliss in my colours blue and white! I bubbled up. It's stunning!!! Thank you Ferret!!!! Thank you. Fliss and DH had known about it for months.

Sinclair's behaviour yesterday was a little odd, no obvious distress but DH is ringing the vet today to hear what she thinks. I might have to leave and go home.


  1. Wow, the quilts on display are stunning. I was at the NEC too - there was soooooo much inspiration. The quilt Ferret made for you is just beautiful, your daughter will want to keep it!!!

  2. The quilt of your daughter is awesome!

  3. Just got back from the NEC much to take in! I saw Ferret's exhibition...absolutely fab!

  4. Thanks guys, and especially to the co-conspirators I couldn't have done it without you.