Monday, 24 August 2009

The haul from the FOQ, Birmingham

In the background, loads of Heide Stoll Weber fabrics (yummy), then left to right, Ferreting Around, Ferret's new book, the instructions are just so clear and it's so good to see how different the quilt can look in other colourways. Then six separate yards of repro Turkey red from the American Quilt Store
(they really need to update their site as they have many more fabrics than they are showing). A metre of pink with roses to go with my 40's collection. Loads of cotton lawn (and more upstairs of an even finer one, two different fine shirtings under the 505 spray, more of that wild black and white stripe, (I have a plan), all from the very nice guy at Fabrics Galore, and a fab little stencil for marking spinning curves for background work (they call it spirals but they aren't really) and the blue Caryl Bryer Fallert fabric. I nearly forgot, I have some very nice YLI silk threads and some Mettler embroidery threads as well.
Did I tell you I managed to top up the diesel car with petrol as I left home? Somehow the car managed not to break down until I reached the hotel. Someone, other than I was not best pleased.... But it was all fixed by Friday night.

Sinclair went downhill whilst I was away, I came home early, Fliss came back from France so we were all there when the end came. Much faster than expected.

Please don't leave nice sympathetic comments about this, I can't hold myself together when people are nice at the moment.

My beautiful boy, rest in peace.


  1. Ooooh, pretty fabrics. That spiral gizmo looks cool, have you used one of those before or is it a new toy to try? Is that £18? yikes. Let us know if it's worth it.

  2. What great loot! Those Heide fabrics look luscious. I'm wondering what you are going to do with that neat black and white.

  3. I've used that spiral tool - its v good
    ther is also a much smaller one available.
    Its from Anita Shackleford isn't it? She also does a superb clamshell stencil - and thingo for marking feathers!! Great for hand quilting

  4. £10 doesn't sound bad until I throw in the conversion rate, about $15. blah.

  5. my DH did the petrol in a diesel car thing! he didn't even get home from the garage before it started playing up - you were lucky to get so far. Glad things are OK with it now and no damage done.

  6. A number of students in Diane Gaudynski's advanced class had the spiral stencil. I ordered one from Anita S as it looks interesting. Susan

  7. Thanks for your message on my blog Sally. When things are more settled for you, just send me your email address and you'd be welcome to tune in. Annabel x