Monday, 31 August 2009

Sorry, more kittens and a ship

We went to an Ikea on Sunday, perhaps not the best place to go on a holiday weekend but I realised I needed more of the fabric I bought the other week.
It was win win, not only did they have the last couple of bolts as it's about to be discontinued, but they'd reduced it from £5.99/metre to £3.99 a metre, it was incredibly well priced before but this was wonderful.
From the roof of the car park we saw this liner. When I was young I travelled on what was then amongst the largest passenger ships on the seas, but these new ships are like apartment blocks. The photo doesn't really convey the size. Truly huge. There was another, even larger, further down the docks but my camera phone isn't good enough to take photos from a moving car.
These were the kittens we didn't choose. The larger one at the front wasn't available nor the one on the lid of the cat box with nearly the same colouring as Millicent. It was very very hard to choose but we're delighted with our two. Both of them are very clever, heaps of fun and learn quickly what is and is not acceptable.


  1. What's the essential IKEA fabric? I'll be passing thru IKEA Leeds on Wednesday, if you'd like any more picking up (or just if it is so good, I should consider it for my stash... got a dark blue tablecloth last time, for sashiko). Drop me a line before Weds if you want me to look out for more.

  2. Ikea sells fabric? When did that happen? Now I must check if it is online...

  3. Holy cow, it is online! Is it nice quality?