Thursday, 3 September 2009


I made this skirt to go round the base of the bed. Ideally it wouldn't need such a skirt, in practice all my quilts (antique and those made by me) live under here. (And a roll of wool batting)
Today I cut this striped fabric for a strippy. I'd thought I could just rotary cut the strips. No way, the print veered to the left and right. This meant I had to eyeball it and cut by hand. The visual disturbance this caused made me quite nauseous.

I have no idea why this looks so yellow but I'm wondering whether to have the striped fabric going alternate directions like this

Or all the same way like this. Just try and imagine you are seeing this as black and white.


  1. Agree - alternate is best - but there is a weird effect when you look at the pics. On the top photo, apart from at the edges of the table it looks as though the outer two are arced upwards and the middle one is curved into the table. On the lower photo all three are like tunnels. No wonder you felt sick! Ironing my striped school blouses had the same effect on my mother when I was at High School.
    Joyce F

  2. I like the directions alternating. I agree the pattern is a little disturbing for your vision.

  3. Alternate looks best to me. Janet

  4. Oh gosh Sally - I can't look at it without feeling disorientated! I think the strips going in the same direction are less disturbing to me, but I'm glad it's you working with it - I certainly couldn't!.

  5. My head hurts just looking a this fabric, Sally! LOL! But my eyes don't spin as much in their sockets when the strips go in the same direction. ;)

  6. alternate gets my vote...I think it is MUCH more interesting :)

  7. Oh definitely alternating - far more interesting

  8. Alternating please.
    and is that a 'stremely long quilting ruler? if so, where did you get it please? I use mine for pattern drafting (garments) as well, and 24 in isn't really good enough sometimes.
    Sandy in Bracknell