Monday, 28 September 2009

Einstein, Mozart and quilting

It seems there are two kinds of people who design their own work.

Those with a non science mathematical bent use sketchbooks, make samples, try ideas out.

Those with a science/mathematical bent, do all (or nearly all) of the design work in their head.

I've just listened to a program on Einstein and his violin. Apparently he particularly like Mozart who arranged and composed the whole composition in his head before committing it to paper. He also was fond of Bach (I have no idea of his composition method). Einstein used his violin playing to work out problems in his head and/or to clear his head and focus.

I suppose there are designers out there who do a mixture of both.

Random thoughts for a Monday morning. I still haven't got my quilting back on track though my brain is designing away at a rate of knots. It will come. Perhaps now Fliss is back at university and DH is back at work it will come back to me.

And the kittens on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


  1. Sorry, this was just begging to be said:

    Perhaps if you practise your violin, your quilting fog will clear?

    The kittens are adorable!


  2. Wow! Is that were I get if from! Chemistry Geology back ground - I've worked in Labs all my working life (except for a very stupid 4 years in a law firm - long story - bad marriage!).

    I have discovered I can't make a quilt from a pattern - I get too bored!

    My quilts just evolve as I sew! Except when I wake up in the morning thinking about where to go next!

    Ta Hugz

  3. Think I am a third kind then! I bringe in with a vague idea and then spend a lot of time making my mistakes into "design features". :o))

    Hope the quilting buzz gets back soon. I am the same too at this time of the year. Creative batteries getting recharged perhaps?

  4. Well, I don't do sketchbooks, and I am definitely NOT scientific or mathematical!

    Many of the design work is done in my head. I get a theme or idea and do the virtual designing in my head.

    Many other ideas come fully formed as if from the head of it were. Then I have to work out how to do it.

    and the rest happen because I put this here and try that there, etc.

    Sandy in Bracknell