Thursday, 17 September 2009

Not back into sewing yet

but I'm sure it will come. Colin's gone back to work but not travelling in the rush hour.
Did I tell you we changed the girl kitten's name from Millie (Millicent) to Rosie (Rosalind). A lifetime ago when Fliss and I went to see the Time Traveller's Wife, I drove on a local road where the body of a young girl, Millie Dowler, had been found. Once the two were joined in my brain, I had to change the kitten's name. Millie Dowler was a lovely young girl, only a year older than Fliss. The tragedy of her murder will remain with us all in the area forever.

Rosie loves her new name and responds to it well, particularly when accompanied by a bowl of food. I can see the vet putting her on a weight restricting diet

and George going on a weight increasing one. He just burns up calories like they are going out of fashion.


  1. Glad hubby has improved and hope life settles some for you.

    Those two kittens are just beautiful!

  2. So glad to hear your DH is well and truly on the mend......I am sure he will continue getting back to normal.

    These kittens are just sweet.....and that is coming from a non-cat person....:-)

  3. Good news your dh is good enough to go back to work.

  4. I am so glad your hubby is on the mend. Love the pictures of your kitties.

  5. Good to hear things are improving and hope you get back to stitching soon.
    btw I am a Rosalind and my dog is a Rosie!

  6. Glad to hear DH is back to work - I think Rosie suits your little girl kitty better than Millie she has a rosy glow of a colour to her

  7. Glad to hear your DH is well enough to go back to work. Take care.

  8. Glad to hear your husband is on the mend Sally. Soon you will be able to put your mind on your lovely quilts in progress.
    The kittens are sweet.