Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Doing the mashed potato

You know all the problems I've had with this grid around the central feathers. I finally got them so I could hammer down with intense quilting alternate diamonds (and the alternates met when I got all the way round). The problem was I had used trunking as my straight line to do this and the resultant diamonds were about 50% too large and out of scale. I hit a wall of procrastination about the solution. Thanks to the wonderful ladies on QISE who gave me 'permission' to make a mistake I decided to ignore the grid and do this mashed potato background. I like it though I am worried it will pull up the quilt differently and I'll have major problems getting it to hang straightly.
We could do with more members on QISE to bring it up to a critical mass, so if you really really care about your work then this is the place for you.
Meanwhile every morning Rosie has taken to getting into this basin in our bathroom and curling up. I have no idea why but it does make me clean the basin daily.


  1. Oooo, Sally, I *love* your mashed potatoes!

  2. Boy I would loe all those stitches! lol BTW my father use to have a dripping tap in his sink, and his cat decided that was his pernament bed space! Nothing like petting a soggy cat!