Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Kittens and Christmas Trees

If you've ever had a kitten you'll know it's impossible to have a tree like this, our tree last year. All those treasured baubles would be lost in the kittens attempt to climb and destroy all your efforts.
So this is the compromise. Some very cheap red baubles, a cheapie 'star' at the top and I made very large ribbon bows. A few candy canes and the whole thing was done in an hour. I don't dislike this type of decoration, it just isn't me. It feels like I have someone else's tree in my sitting room. I think it looks a bit like a tree in a Mall.

Of course whilst whilst I was decorating, George (now named Georgous) had to try out it's kitten defying properties.... See him there by the bottom of the candy cane?


  1. Ihave given up on the tree, scared they will get hurt if the decorations fall and break. Your kittens are adorable!

  2. Hi Marina, the cheapie baubles are plastic so there's no chance of them hurting themselves (except perhaps by falling of the top)

  3. Sally - the kittens are adorable, and thanks for the tree photos. It brings back years of memories and trying to deal with decorated trees and kittens and cats, garland trailed through the house, ornaments chased and broken, trees tipped over.

    Bringing in a fresh evergreen with all the outdoor scents on it always wreaked havoc in our house, and before it could even be decorated we had cats climbing it, so excited to have outdoors in their own house. Merry Christmas, thanks for sharing, and enjoy those kittens!

  4. I thought that decoration looked a little furry! Aren't kittens like have to train them before you can get the good stuff out.