Saturday, 19 December 2009

I've started on the final border

and think it will take at least another 8 days of quilting to finish it.
Meanwhile we've had another of our successful trips to TK Max. This mirror still needs fitting to the wall but as it's huge (49" wide by 74"high) it will take a little time whilst we (or Steph) decide how to approach it.

As you might have heard after the flooding last month, this month the country has ground to a halt due to snow. I love how this tree fern looks covered in snow, it has a vaguely tropical look (even though they grow in New Zealand) and to see the snow on the fronds is odd to say the least. It's a magnificent plant, each of those fronds are about 7 or eight foot long.


  1. At least the snow looks pretty and goes away :o)

    We were "mildly " affected by the floods. Our road and riverwall were washed away and 4 weeks on and we are still not able to use our car.Our house just escaped. The river rose in our valley by nearly 30 feet!!!! Scary!

    Hundreds of families in Cockermouth are in temporary accomodation and will be out of their homes till next Christmas.

    Enjoy your snow. :o)
    PS We haven't even had one flake of it here! Not fair!!

  2. What a big, beautiful mirror.
    I'd have to move to a new larger house if I had it.