Tuesday, 7 December 2010

AQS Blog of the Week!

How cool is this? Thank you AQS. See my lovely little badge on the left?
Yesterday Steph and I decorated the house for Christmas. I saw this hanging thing in Cox & Cox I think it's for hanging herbs and flowers to dry but I thought it fabulous for hanging Christmas things above the table. Great table decoration but it doesn't take up any space on the table. Of course it's one thing coming up with great ideas, it's totally another executing them. Steph to the rescue and a very good thing too. It would have killed me getting up and down and tying in all that fishing line. This little effort took as long as decorating the tree. There is a plan to store it with the baubles in tact.
I'm hoping the cats are old enough this year to leave the tree alone. And although it's only a hope, we're shutting the door at night. Fingers crossed.


  1. That is indeed a very cool idea. I may have to be unimaginative and copy it :)

  2. Congratulations on being the blog of the week. I do love the hanger with the baubles idea and the tree looks lovely too.

  3. Lovely decorations -and congratulations on the blog award. Our cats would view the hanging baubles as just another challenge ...!