Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Quilter not a cake decorator

Steph was here yesterday and she attempted to teach me how to decorate a cake simply. I learnt lots about how to get the icing very smooth, how to make it and the marzipan to stick and then we moved onto the roses. The one in the middle was my very first rose. Unfortunately, it was my only rose, no matter how hard I tried I could not repeat the exercise. And this is why I make quilts and she is queen of cake making.
This is what happens when snow comes out of season. Instead of beautiful white virgin snow, the leaves keep coming. Some of them are even falling whilst still green.
The foot prints are from the fox.


  1. Hi Sally - your cake turned out better than my fudge! Congrats!!

  2. Sally! How about an alternate take on the cake decorating?? Since the the rose in the middle is just perfection(!!!), it must be time to move on to other pursuits (or return to your love for quilting)! Happy Christmas!

  3. No matter who decorated the cake, Sally, it's beautiful. :)

  4. the cake looks beautiful and bet it tastes wonderful!
    Merry Christmas