Sunday, 5 December 2010

Liquid Thread resolved.

Before I forget, I have found a UK supplier for Liquid Thread (the UK equivalent of Liquid Stitch). The products seem to be the same thing, just different packaging. The good news is Liquid Stitch has a longer finer nozzle. If you get some be very careful to cut it really near the top so the hole is tiny. I can get a very small machine needle down the hole but not a large one. The shop is here I have never bought anything from them so I can't comment on their service etc. I was amused to see the appliqué squeakers on the same page, it took me just a little while to work out what you would use them for.

I never did find the quilter who I first saw using this. I did get lots of suggestions as to who it might be and most are doing it a similar way to this. I put a bead of the slightly watered down Liquid Thread along the outside of each rose. I then placed another silicon sheet over the top and pressed it quite hot, Steam escaped round the edges, so if I were doing it again, I would do smaller pieces.
 Wait for it to cool before removing the silicon top and bottom. You can buy expensive nice white sheets of silicon from quilt shops or more cheaply as cooking silicon sheets and black.  Cheap suits me just fine.
I love these roses with their photographic quality. Thank you Lois, who very kindly gave me the fabric.

Now before you look at this next photo, imagine a blue bow where the stems cross, green leaves and the stems curving.

An alternative centre is this rose. I think the colour of the stem has too little contrast with the background fabric, but I can create something different.

Meanwhile Christmas is coming.
I got this great wreath at TK Max, the postman will be relieved not to cut his fingers on the silver trailing one from last year.

And we've had an early snowfall. The tree fern became a giant white octopus when viewed from above.
The foot prints aren't the cats, they come from the wanderings of the fox.
Too cold to sit under the pergola.
These photos were taken earlier in the week and the snow has mostly melted. The temperature is still below freezing and there is no end in sight to the cold. No problem for me, I like a cold bedroom.

People sleeping rough on the streets are having a very hard time of it. If you can possibly make a donation to the Salvation Army this year, it is needed more than ever. I know that in addition to their normal Christmas appeal (which due to the economy is much needed) they are helping the people on the streets in this very cold year.

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