Sunday, 20 March 2011

And More

I have been planning decor for the cottage for years and now I have started to buy stuff. I was undecided between the lovely Kate Forman linen above which is very expensive and the Lecien Durham collection below  from Japan
which is expensive in terms of quilt fabric but much cheaper than linen curtain fabric. I have ummed and ahhed for weeks. I had a plan that if I went for the Lecien I would interline the curtains to give them some oomph. Then I thought why not just make a pair of quilts to hang. They would be just as warm and have the advantage of being washable. Good idea but I still wasn't sure. Then the earthquake hit Japan, and my mind was made up. In a very small way (apart from the obvious of making a quilt, see previous post, or making a donation here if you are in the UK or here if elsewhere) buying Japanese fabric will help getting the country on it's feet.. So the two quilts shall be make out of the white floral bottom left with a wide border of the blue/grey floral and of course I couldn't stop there and bought a little of the others you see on the right... Heaven help my plastic. I bought the fabric from Kim at The Fat Quarters who was very helpful with my order which kept changing.
And THEN having hit the plastic so heavily, someone on Ebay had 4.2 meters of the lovely Kate Forman fabric, so I shall make a quilt for the bed with that and  as it's linen is will be more cat resistant than the fine cotton.


  1. Mouth watering - I love Lecien fabrics - quality and soft colours. Should be lovely in a cottage. Jill

  2. Hi Sally,
    gorgeous fabrics (all of them) and yes I'm with you about using a country's merchandise as another way of a similar way we are drinking Japanese beer (it's pretty good too) and NZ (Sth Island) wine.
    I'm glad you're posting more, must mean you're feeling more with-it.
    Quilts for curtains is a great idea, sounds like it should be a charity tho doesn't it...let's make "Quilts for Curtains" hehe.
    Cheers Margaret.

  3. I'm drooling over these beautiful fabrics - worth every penny!

  4. Oooh that fabric is inspiring. I have quilts instead of wallpaper in some rooms, so why not curtains too? Some fabric was made for viewing