Saturday, 19 March 2011

Exciting things in the post

Remember this feather I coloured years ago with Inktense? Great properties, you draw onto the fabric, gently wet it, the colour intensifies, then let it dry, then it is stable. (some of the colour are better than others)
Now they are doing Inktense in blocks (blocks might be a little exageration but much more pigment than in the pencils). I think this will make much easier for larger areas and to avoid the pencil lines.
George chose a different sink today.


  1. Your kitties face is quite charming and inviting. I like your inktense feathers.
    heck I just love your feathers!

  2. I got sent some of these sticks as I did some work for Derwent - the colours are amazing. Didn't realise you could use them on fabric - I'll have to have a go!

  3. the colour sticks sound very interesting..I've never tried Inktense so perhaps ought to have a go!. Your cat is quite mad.

  4. Can you give a bit more clarification about 'wetting' the colours? how wet and do they blend and how do you keep it from haloing round the image?
    Sandy in Bracknell