Saturday, 27 August 2011

Middle block has it's final tweak

This hasn't made it better or worse than Esther's, just different.
I was loathe to put the dark circle in the middle. Whenever I see things appliqu├ęd down over points meeting like this I often think people are hiding an error, but in this case it really unites the block. In retrospect if I'd seen the whole quilt before I had started, I would have done the hearts in the purple and the daisy like petals in the red.


  1. Sally, I really think those "overlays" you added made an already-beautiful block even better! You were right — the red and green did overpower the rest, and your solution has calmed everything down and made it all cohesive. :)

  2. Sally I really love this! The birds are a good balancing touch