Wednesday, 24 August 2011

More on the middle block

I decided to place something different round the centre clock. I drew a wavy line, cut some fabric 1¼" wide on the bias, pressed it in half and stitched it down. Can you see how the dreaded steam iron has spluttered over the fabric. A little annoying but it shall wash out...

I then designed a feather type lobe shape and prepared them with starch like Esther prepares hers.. By the way, Margaret Docherty uses a similar method and her applique is the best I have ever seen. (I found out this time when repeating the same shape over and over, 3 layers of freezer paper is even better than two).
This is how it looked before I stitched it down.

I think it needs more inside the spine, birds perhaps? And perhaps something to tone down the red hearts and the green shapes, something inside to make those a little less heavy.....?


  1. Wow this is so different and I love it. Did you hand sew or machine applique? Wow

  2. Instead of all those pins you should try Roxanne's Glue-Baste-It. Then you can just zip along with your machine while a few tiny drops hold it firmly in place. I use it all the time for that.

  3. How creative you are. This will look nice with your 30's look.

  4. Great idea, I really like it. You are so creative

  5. Ooh this looks great! I do think it's important to change designs to suit. Really goes with the fabric.

    I see what you mean with the the design is definitely softer now. Have you decided anything? Would love to see when you do.

  6. Ok, I'm back because I've had another look and is that the red which appears on the 4 corner flower blocks? That may be enough balance when the top is all together, you may not have to do more about the red just yet.

    This top is going to be fabulous!

  7. I love your changes Sally. With regard to balancing the 'leaves/feathers' maybe you could do this with the quilting? Mirror the design on the other side by quilting it in rather than applique? Just a thought.