Monday, 7 January 2013

Exciting Times (well for me it is)

This is the kitchen as it is now. It doesn't seem so awful does it? Until you see the distance between the range and the sink (see 2nd photo) and you can see this space covers the route from the sitting area and the hallway door (this is where I am standing to take photo 3) to the dining area. I could shoot whoever designed this as it is so dangerous to carry a boiling saucepan to the sink to drain. And of course with my fibromyalgia and the loss of strength in my hands it makes matters even worse. I discovered in the last house how a range cooker doesn't function well for me as the bending and leaning forward to get things in and out of the oven is painful. Then there are all those base cupboards with shelves below, this is as hard as getting stuff out of the oven (though at least these things are not hot). The builder of the house was disappointed when the first thing I said on seeing the kitchen was that it had to go. He said it was the most he had ever spent on a kitchen... It is very much a builder's kitchen. Solid oak doors etc. but cheap integrated dishwasher and fridge. The dishwasher works surprisingly well but given this is a room we live in with our sofas up the other end, we need the decibels turned down.

I have moved a lot of stuff from the kitchen into the new dresser but there is still loads to go. I have someone coming on Friday to help with the rest of it and the kitchen gets ripped out on Saturday....

And when all this is done and all the stuff in the container we've hired at the bottom of the hill is here and organised, I shall be a quilter again! Yay!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the layout of the kitchen.
    It can only have been designed by a bloke!

  2. So like a man to design the 'work triangle' on such a large scale - shame to rip it out though as it looks like quality stuff - could someone recycle the units?

  3. Good luck with getting it all redone, Sally! I know just what you mean about the decibels on a dishwasher. When we moved in 14 years ago, the dishwasher was the "standard" one that came with the house. Noisy! And we, too, have a small living area, so the noise was awful. A week ago today, we had a new dishwasher installed, and it's *blissfully* quiet! What a difference! I hope you'll be as happy with yours as I am with ours.

  4. Ah, but it looks beautiful though! Best kitchen (and house) I ever lived in was designed by the wife of the man who built it - never found one as good since!

  5. Is there some place like Furniture Donation Network? They won the Queen's award for their work.

    It is beautiful, pity they didn't ask someone to try it out.
    Sandy in Bracknell