Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow and no power

Today the new kitchen cabinets were supposed to arrive. I got a call from the driver at 6.30am and although it was still dark I could see all was white. The delivery has been put off until Monday. I just hope the installation guy can get here, apparently his house is quite remote.
Meanwhile snow makes everything look pretty, even our house with the dustbin left out..... lols. There isn't much snow on the roof not because it didn't land or our insulation doesn't work but because the high winds blew it off.
And from the bedroom window.


  1. Sorry that the snow has put a spanner in your works-but isn't it pretty? :o)

    Up in our part of the Lake District we haven't even has one snowflake yet today and they promised us some! :o)

  2. The house looks lovely! Bigger than I imagined, I think!

  3. How beautiful! I'd much prefer snow over the horrible heat we've been having - which is just as capable of interfering with daily life on days of catastrophic fire danger.