Thursday, 17 January 2013

Quilt marking

This is a photo of a quilt with the freezer paper drawing of the feather I want to use with the shiny side pressed to the wrong side of the fabric. The light you can see in the lower right hand corner is from a light placed on the floor below my glass sewing table.
I was disappointed I couldn't get a photo of how clearly the feather shows through the fabric for me to be able to draw straight over the lines showing through.

I did a post some time ago on how to find your perfect marking pen here.

Once you have traced your feather or any other quilting motif, just peel the freezer paper off the back and iron it down where you need the same feather or motif repeated. You can normally get away with using the same piece of freezer paper about four times.


  1. This is really cool!
    And great to see you managing to do some creating :)

  2. Hooray, glad you have found time between the builders to do some quilting!
    Where do you get your freezer paper from? I looked when we were in the USA but never found it - does it have to be from craft suppliers?

  3. Thanks for your reply Sally - don't know why the reply thing doesn't work, can't find it!

  4. Just discovered your blog - looks very inspiring! I like the freezer paper idea and was wondering if you could just iron the paper to the top of the fabric and stitch through it along the lines? might save marking the fabric? not sure if that would work...