Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Decision on the design.

Those bits of paper are the result of three and a half days of marking, rubbing out, remarking until I have a design I am happy with for the machine appliqué quilt. In the evenings I have been sewing the elipses for the Di Ford Mystery quilt. I have nearly finished the third side, so I am hopeful it will be all done in another week. I tend to do this in the evenings. It takes precedence over the hexagon quilt until each round is completed. That way I can stay up to date and it will not become another UFO.

On Sunday we went to the Abergavenny Food Festival. It is an event which takes over this country town. They close off the streets and food vendors are everywhere with some of the poshest ones in the market place where you have to pay a small admission charge to get in.

Outside the main event was this onion seller. The French onion sellers, famously used to go round London and the south of England on their bikes in their Breton striped tops and their berets.
I didn't get close to this stand but I don't believe they were really selling this!

I didn't get round to tasting the Welsh cakes.
We came home with this haul. The British Cassis was so very much better than the French. I doubt we will make Kir with anything else anymore. The Brownies were made in heaven, the smoked oil is lovely for dipping good bread into with a nice glass of red, the baklava was almost as good as my sister's Greek mother in law used to make from scratch. The homemade chutneys have made DH very happy. The only downside were the cupcakes which tasted nothing like as good as they looked.... You cannot win everything.

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  1. I'm glad that you've finished the drafting to your satisfaction - it sounds like a fiddly job!
    Lovely looking haul from the food festival.