Saturday, 13 September 2014

I have been playing with the hexagon rosettes.

I have been playing with the little hexagon rosettes and wondering about possible layouts for them. I could go something like this with stars in the corners. I have also been wondering about having them in a circle round the central star....

When I see creams, beiges or snow white fabrics going cheaply I dive in and buy a bolt. I can always use them. The problem comes when you are doing three quilts at one time with three slightly different creams.
Believe it or not these four fabrics look identical in daylight and also in the photographic lights in my studio. I just took this photo so you could see how they all look the same. Now I know to take a flash photo with the camera (not the phone) and immediately the differences become apparent. Always happy when a solution just happens. Each of the creams has been labelled now.

The weather has been getting cooler, not a lot but you can feel autumn in the air. And the cats stay indoors more and ask for their supper on the dot of 5pm.

George on one of the kitchen sofas
And Rosie helping me with the machine appliqué quilt....


  1. My you've been busy with those hexi's. I like the second one.
    I agree you can feel autumn round the corner.

  2. Love the one with the circle!

    And your kitties are the sweetest.

  3. I like the circular layout. Both are good. I invite you to link to Hexie Weekend to get more opinions (ends tonight, midnight). I wish summer was over here. Entering the fifth day of over 100 degree weather. Love, love your mystery quilt.

  4. I love that setting with the circle. I have several hexi rosettes sitting around, thanks for inspiring me to think of an interesting use for them.

  5. I like the circle myself and of course George....he's handsome.

  6. I love your circle layout. This quilt will be great.