Sunday, 19 October 2014

I survived, just.

I still cannot work out a way to show you the complete quilt top, but I can show you this quarter. It is all stitched down. Now it is ready for marking for quilting. And designing the quilting. I have lots of space to do some fancy stuff but haven't given much thought what that stuff shall be.....
 The colours are not right but so far I haven't managed to download a version of Picassa, my favourite freebie photo editing program which works with the dreaded Windows 8.1 . I have no idea who thought having a tablet operating system on a desktop was a good idea or why, but it isn't. It never will be. I can just about understand it for people who go between one sort of machine and another, but even then you should be able to deactivate the part of Windows which just doesn't apply.
George was 'helping' whilst I appliqued. You might think this is quite cute but twisting and turning a piece this large isn't easy and with his help, the task is not easier. Add the fact he often has muddy paws and he is not very welcome up here. This photo was on my phone. The colours are not this bright but somewhere between the two photos.

I am taking a break off Facebook for a couple of weeks. I can feel withdrawal symptoms coming on. It is an odd thing making friends with people all over the planet. You end up caring very deeply about them when things go wrong and sharing their joys when good things happen.


  1. It's exquisite, Sally! I can hardly wait to see what you decide to do for the quilting. :)

  2. Looking fabulous Sally, I just love how this quilt is coming along. As for George I really miss my Mooshy as she used to take naps when I was DMQuilting and I would have to 'roll' her down the quilt top every few minutes - she would not be moved! What a drama that was, but now that she's gone, I do miss her.

    I never did Facebook as I couldn't cope with it all. For me, blogging is enough. I will say that I have made real friends through the blog and my group and you do end up caring for the people you visit. I would miss that connection with like minded quilters if I had to stop blogging.

  3. It looks amazing, Sally! Well done for getting it to this stage!
    Hope that you aren't driven to distraction by Windows 8. Always a pain when you have a new device, let alone a new operating system to work with too!

  4. I'll miss you while you're "gone", Sally The quilt's lovely. Sandy said it - can't wait to see the quilting. Also, the process? I hope.

    Maggie in Arizona US

  5. That is a stunning quilt, looking forward to seeing the quilting.