Friday, 10 October 2014

Today was the day I saw flying pigs.

Today we went to Abergavenny (I wonder if the people who live in Abergavenny ever get THAT song out of there head) to get me a new phone contract and/or a new phone.
 From the carpark you walk through this perfect courtyard between the Tithe Barn and the church at St Mary's Priory
It turned out to be quite a textile trip. This is called the Abergavenny Tapestry (though like other things labelled thus, it is not a tapestry but an embroidery). It is twenty four foot long and six foot two high. Most of the borders are done in small half cross stitch but the shields and some of the detail are petite point. It is the work of sixty local women. The design, conception and execution is wonderful and should be more widely known. It is to be found upstairs in the Tithe Barn.

 Then we cut through the Market to get to the Carphone Warehouse. Before we got in, I saw a flying pig through a high window. My husband thought I was quite mad until we got inside and there were loads of them, larger than life, all made from fabrics and perfectly formed. They were amazing and delightful.

Apparently they were there when we went to the Food Festival but somehow amongst the crowds, the noise and the smells of the food, we missed them.

I came away from Abergavenny without a new phone or contract as we were advised the new Samsung will be in store in a couple of weeks. Then I can say goodbye to the dreadful Apple and leave the darkside behind me.

Abergavenny is not a large town, though it is quite busy. This is the view from the market above the rooftops.
And the weather was fine.


  1. Ha ha, I would think I'd been drinking if I saw flying pigs. How innovative of they for a display.
    The needlework looks like a work of art too, surprising what's around in the area and walking through the courtyard you could imagine yourself in France.

  2. I like Abergavenny but haven't been there in years.

    And now I get it!!! Yes, pigs were flying without the help of mood enhancing drugs!!

  3. Thank you for this post! Am an "armchair" traveler and enjoyed seeing the flying pigs, and the history lessons of Wales.